Watch CLG Argue Live Before the 9th Cir. Against Abusive and Illegal Debt Collection Practices

On April 7 at 9 a.m. PST, you can watch Michael Crowley of the Crowley Law Group (CLG) as he defends a person’s right to be free of abusive debt collectors’ (and others’) practice of charging interest on a debt before a court has the opportunity to rule on the validity of the debt. The argument will be before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals (the court just below the United States Supreme Court). You can watch the argument before the three-judge panel “live” by clicking here. If you miss the live feed, video of the proceeding will be available here. Learn more about the CLG’s quest to protect consumer rights here.

Backstory: CLG has already won the issue at the U.S. District Court level. CLG sued a San Diego debt collector for using an industry-wide practice of charging 10% interest on debt without an agreement to do so in the original contract. CLG took the stance that unless the original contract between the consumer and the creditor provided for interest, or unless they obtained a judgment first, charging the interest was illegal.

After filing suit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California, federal Judge Michael Anello agreed, granting judgment in favor of the CLG’s client without a trial. The defendant appealed to the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal, where oral arguments have been set for April 7, 2015.

CLG continues to pursue the mission of fighting against abusive, harassing and illegal debt collection practices. This includes charging consumers more than debt collectors are entitled to under the law. CLG represents consumers on a contingency basis in cases against banks and debt collectors that harass consumer, which benefits consumers who could not otherwise afford an attorney. If you believe your rights have been violated, or want a free consultation about what your rights are when dealing with collectors, contact CLG at 619-238-5700. We never charge consumers unless we take your case and the case settles.

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